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Caring for Your Pet After Surgery


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There might come a time when your pet is going to require surgery, whether it is for something simple like neutering or spaying, or for a more intricate procedure. Whatever the case, you will need to consider some things after the surgery to ensure that your pet heals properly. Paradise Point Animal Hospital brings you some steps to take to ensure a good recovery for your pet. Read on to learn more!

a cat resting on a small blanket

Keep Your Pet Comfortable When They Get Home

Try to accommodate a space where your pet can lay without the need to constantly be moving. You can also place their water and food bowls nearby so, whenever they want to eat or drink, they don’t have to be moving around.

Restrict Your Pet’s Movement

If your pet has gone through orthopedic surgery or any other procedure, it is helpful to restrict their movement to avoid them putting unnecessary stress on the area.

a cute dog napping on a blanket
a dog showing off his patchy battle scars

Care For Your Pet’s Incision Site

There are a few things that you should be doing when your pet comes out of surgery, and taking care of their incision is one of them. Make sure that you don’t let the area get dirty and clean it up according to what your veterinarian says to ensure there are no issues with the recovery and the scarring process.

Don’t Skip the Follow-Up Appointment

The follow-up appointment is going to determine if your pet’s recovery is happening accordingly and will let the vet know if there are any issues that could arise from the procedure. It is important to not skip this appointment as it can be critical to determine future care.

a dog and a cat being held by kind vets

When your pet receives surgery in Phoenix, it’s important to listen to the instructions that the veterinarian has for the post-surgery care. Learn more about the procedures we offer at Paradise Point Animal Hospital and contact us today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend!

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