Your dog has been your partner in crime for the past decade. They have been by your side through thick and thin and have loved you unconditionally. That is why they deserve the best. Your old dog needs different care than puppies or adult dogs, which is why Paradise Point Animal Hospital offers a wellness plan designed specifically for senior dogs. Our senior premium wellness plan can help keep your old dog healthy and happy for the rest of their lives. 


Premium Senior Dog Wellness Plan

  • Six Comprehensive Exams
  • Complete Fecal Evaluation
  • Heartworm Test
  • Heartgard – 12 Months (Dispensed Semi-Annually)
  • Chest Radiographs (Reviewed by a Certified Radiologist)
  • Health Check Blood Work – Includes: Complete blood count, chemistry panel, and electrolytes
  • Thyroid Function Screen
  • Urinalysis
  • Core Vaccine Protocol Recommended By Your Veterinarian (DHPP, Bord, Lepto, Rabies)
  • Dental Prophylaxis – Includes pre-anesthetic EKG, IV catheter and fluid administration, general anesthesia, dental prophy, dental radiographs, pain management after surgery, patient maintenance, monitoring, and recovery.