If you have ever had surgery or experienced a serious injury, then you know just how important physical therapy can to your healing process. The thing is, it is the same for your pet! The benefits of rehabilitation have become more well-known for pets in recent years and can immensely help your best friend to heal. Some of these benefits include lessening pain, strengthening their muscles, and speed up the recovery process overall. While there are a variety of techniques for pets, all depending on their circumstances, here are a few that we provide:

  • Massage – If you’ve ever had a massage, then you know how much better your body feels after a session. For cats and/or dogs recovering from an injury or condition, getting their circulation going goes a long way in relieving their pain.
  • Underwater Treadmill Therapy – It’s likely that you’ve seen videos of dogs walking on an underwater treadmill (like the video on our home page), but this form of rehabilitation is more than just cute, it is incredibly beneficial. The water helps the exercises have less of an impact on their joints and muscles and also improves their strength and balance.
  • Exercises – At our animal hospital, our professionals will diagnose your pet’s issues and recommend specific exercises that will help them recover. This includes the use of balance boards, physio-balls, stairs, and more.
  • Swim Therapy – Just like the underwater treadmill therapy, having your pet go through swim therapy will help them enhance their strength with less stress on their joints. As a bonus, most of the dogs love taking a swim!

If you would like to learn more about our pet rehabilitation program, any of our other veterinary services or you are ready to sign up to help your pet be their healthiest and happiest, then don’t hesitate to contact our veterinary clinic in Phoenix today.