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What to Do When You Find a Lump or Bump on Your Pet?

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Lumps and bumps can be serious. Here’s what steps to follow. Reach out to Paradise Point Animal Hospital for more information. 

You’re petting your best friend and notice a bump or lump that wasn’t there before — it’s a scary scenario! First, take a deep breath. Depending on the age of your pet, bumps are common. But it could still be something that needs looking at. Here’s what to do if you notice a lump on your four-legged friend.


French bulldog wearing a dog hoodie looking at camera

Look Closer 

If you notice a lump or bump on your pet, it’s a good idea to take a closer look and get familiar with it. What size and shape is it? Is it smooth or bumpy? Is it firm or does it move when you push on it? These are things that your vet will ask about. While you’re at it, do an overall assessment of your pet’s physical health. Are there other masses? How long have they been there? Have any of them changed? Are any of them bleeding? Make note of the bump and make sure you can note any changes to it.


Call Your Vet

Lumps and bumps are typically harmless, but a veterinary appointment may still be in order. So get your vet on the phone and schedule an appointment. Your vet will likely perform a full physical on your best friend to make sure there are no other masses that are cause for concern and document the lump that brought you in to make sure it doesn’t change.

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Vet holding a cat on his lamp during examination

Get a Diagnosis 

If your vet is worried about the bump, they may perform a fine needle aspiration and collect a sample of the cells to examine under a microscope. This is the best way to know definitively if your pet has cancer. If it is cancer, early detection can help with outcomes, so it is important to get this procedure done if your vet thinks it is necessary. 


Consider Your Options 

Even if it is not malignant, certain bumps may be better off removed. If removal is what your vet recommends, there are a couple of options you can consider. Surgery is usually the best option for malignant growths or benign growths that may affect your pet’s quality of life, but you may also have the option of getting cryotherapy. Ask your vet what they recommend.


Woman holding up her corgi dog looking hopeful

Bumps and lumps are scary because they can be serious. If you’re worried about a growth on your pet, don’t wait to make an appointment. If you’re looking for the best  veterinary services in Phoenix, Paradise Point Animal Hospital provides excellent care to pets. We’d be happy to take care of your best friend! If you’re worried about a growth or you just need a checkup, contact us for an appointment today.


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