Since the pandemic began, doing normal stuff from home has become the norm, whether that being working, shopping, and even getting medical consultation online! However, even though we could get medical consultations in the comfort of our homes, the same thing was not possible for our furry family members! Well, now at-home vet services are available thanks to Paradise Point Animal Hospital, here in Phoenix, AZ! Let’s see what are the benefits of having your pet taken care of at home!

The Convenience Of Having Vets At Home

You may have a very hectic schedule that changes all the time, or you may have simply gotten used to the convenience of doing stuff at home, the opportunity of not taking your pets to the vet is a great comfort to have! Our experienced team brings everything your pet needs, eliminating the need of scheduling a visit to our clinic!

No More Annoyed Pets

As any pet owner would know, pets are very much like kids. And just like how kids hate visiting their doctor, most pets dislike visiting the vet as well! Now that might not be such a big deal for some pets, for example, your dogs might not know you are going to the vet until you are just around the corner, but for a cat, even the sight of their carrier may signify unpleasant memories. With our vets on the go service, your pets will not have any bad memories of their car rides to the vet!

(Almost) Everything You Get on The Clinic

With our mobile services, we offer almost all the services we offer in our clinic — from lab tests to wellness visits, online pharmacy to alternative therapies — we have it all! The only service we can’t offer at the comfort of your home is surgical procedures, which is expected! We only provide a sterile environment in our clinics. But other than that, our little van has everything your pet needs!

Whether because of your hectic schedule, or the nervousness of your furry family member of visiting the vet, or you just simply want the convenience of having the vet come to you instead of the other way round, our mobile animal hospital will give you and your pet the ultimate comfort you need! Our team with 115 years of combined veterinarian experience will treat your pet as if it were one of our own! Get in touch with Paradise Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ to schedule your pet’s appointment today!