The health and happiness of your pet are a priority for you, which is why when it comes to the care that they receive you want to be sure that they are getting the best. At our veterinary clinic in Phoenix, we care about each and every animal that comes through our doors and treat them as if they were a part of our own family. To find out more about our veterinary services, our facility, and things that you can do to make sure that your pet lives the happiest and longest life possible, make sure to follow our blog! If you need to make an appointment with us then go ahead and contact us today!

  1. Tips For Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy

    As a pet owner, it is likely that you want to give your pet the best life possible and ensure that they are both healthy and happy. However, to keep your pet healthy and happy, you need to do more than just feed them and give them a spot to go to the bathroom. Caring for your pet properly requires time, dedication, and attention. At Paradise Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix, we care about your pet…Read More

  2. How to Help Your Pet After Surgery

    Surgery can be a tough thing to bounce back from. Even a simple surgery can take a few days to recover from. While humans understand that they need to rest and follow precautions after a surgery, your pet will not understand. For example, your dog may want to go for a walk after getting major surgery on their hips or legs, but that is obviously not the wisest choice. Understanding how to help your…Read More

  3. Pet Care Basics

    Welcoming a pet into your home is exciting and fun. It is always fun watching a new pet curiously explore their new home and start to show their playful personality. Whether you bring home a puppy or kitten or an adult pet, there are many things you need to prepare for and keep in mind. A pet takes a lot of work and additional care, so be sure you are ready to take care of one before you take on t…Read More