Every pet owner wants to keep their pet healthy. A healthy pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet means a happy owner! While there are many ways you can improve the health and happiness of your pet at home, the vet also plays a big role. Just like humans, pets can run into a number of health issues, from obesity and parasites to arthritis and oral problems. Because of this, the best way to keep your pet as healthy as possible is to ensure they visit the vet regularly.

At Paradise Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix, we not only offer a variety of great vet services to provide your pet with the best care, but we also offer wellness plans that can help ensure your pet is healthy at every stage of life. Our wellness plans include a variety of services including wellness exams, spay or neutering, de-worming treatments, heartworm tests, bloodwork, and more! We offer both canine and feline wellness plans at three different stages of life — puppy or kitten, adult, and senior. Learn more about the benefits of our wellness plans and contact us to sign up today!

Provides Care At Every Stage of Life

Dogs and cats need different care at different stages of life. When you first get a puppy or a kitten, they will require certain vet services to ensure that they will grow into healthy adults. With our wellness plans, your pet will be covered, and we will take care of the basic and necessary services to keep your pet healthy and ensure there are no problems you should be concerned about. As your dog or cat gets older and becomes a senior, we will do the necessary tests and provide services to help keep them healthy and happy in their old age.

Allows Up to Be Proactive

When it comes to the health of your pet, it is better to diagnose any problems early and get them treated quickly. When you sign up for our wellness plans, you won’t have to wait around for signs from your pet that something is wrong. For the most part, our talented and knowledgeable vets will be able to diagnose any health issues as early as possible, allowing us to start treatment and help your pet get back to optimum health. By being proactive, your pet will have a better chance of not having as dramatic of health issues. While we can’t guarantee that your wellness plans will keep your pet from any health problems, the sooner they are diagnosed the better!

Includes Core Vaccines

Our wellness plans include a number of different services, including the core vaccines your pet needs. Vaccines are necessary for ensuring your pet is healthy and protected against different health issues. While your pet will still need and get these vaccines without being a part of our wellness plans, our wellness plans also include a number of different services on top of the vaccines!

Ensures Your Pet Gets Regular Exams

Our pet wellness plans ensure that your furry friend gets regular exams. With regular exams, we will be able to better monitor your pet’s health and note any changes. With each of our wellness plans, your pet will receive a number of comprehensive exams. Our feline wellness plans also include wellness exams.

Different Plans To Choose From

When you choose to sign up for our wellness plans, you will have a few options to choose from. Both our puppy and kitten plans and the adult canine and feline plans are offered in two options — the basic plan and the comprehensive plan. Depending on your pet, their overall health, and other factors, you can pick the one that works best for you. For both our senior canine and feline plans, we only offer one because old pets need and deserve more care!

There are many benefits to our wellness plans. If you want to ensure that your pet is as healthy and as happy as possible, be sure to sign up for our wellness plans. If you have questions about these wellness plans or any of our other services, be sure to contact us today! Our team at Paradise Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix is always ready to help provide your furry friend with the care they need.