Watching your dog grow happily into old age is as satisfying of an experience as watching your kids grow! For years, you have both given each other unconditional love and care. As they have stood by your side during both your happy and sad times, now it is your time to stand by them as they grow older. Veterinary services provide an incredibly important role in preserving the well-being of your older confidant, so here are some crucial health services Paradise Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix can offer your best friend!

Is My Dog a Senior Already?

One of the most common sources of confusion among dog owners is understanding whether their dogs have reached seniority or not. Since owners spend a lot of time with their dogs, it can sometimes be hard to detect signs of seniority with their pets. While there is no general rule of converting dog years to human years, for most breeds of dogs 7-8 years represent the beginning of senior years.

Senior Dog Check-Up — Physical Examination

Since older dogs are more likely to have complications, the check-up is crucial for early diagnosis of any problems with your dog. Most importantly, your dog will go through a comprehensive physical examination. During this, your vet will assess everything from head to toe — or rather, from head to tail! Loss of hearing, smell, or any basic motor skills may indicate a serious underlying problem and just like humans, early diagnosis makes treatment immensely easier!

Extensive Lab Testing

Lab testing may not be necessary for a younger dog, but since older dogs are a lot more susceptible to diseases, it is critical to see the results — even if the previous physical examination did not show any issues. These tests include chemistry screening, fecal evaluation; heartworm, Rickettsia, and Lyme testing, urinalysis, and a complete blood count. Your older dog’s healthy appearance may hide serious problems underneath, and these tests will confirm whether they are actually healthy or not!

Dental Prophylaxis

Like us, dogs suffer from many dental problems as they get older as well! Veterinary dental prophylaxis does not only include cleaning your dog’s teeth, but also includes preventative treatment for future dental problems!

Older dogs require more care from their owners, but if that care is provided, they will most certainly pass their old ages with happiness and a smile on their faces. Because of this, Paradise Point Animal Hospital offers a wellness plan specifically designed for senior dogs that include everything mentioned here and a lot more! Visit our website to see our plans in detail, and get in touch with us to schedule your furry friend’s appointment today!